2022 calendar -50% (small flaw)

** those calendars have 1 or 2 very small imperfection(s) **
This means a tiny ink spot on the cover or on the side of the paper, or a corner that is a little bit crooked but once open and in use, the calendar is absolutly flawless. I don't want to waste perfectly working products so offering them at a discount prevents waste and let you grab a calendar at half the normal price. 
Quantity: 3  **

** Ces calendriers ont un tout petit défaut ** telle une petite goutte d'encre sur la couverture ou le coin de la première/dernière feuille légèrement corné. Une fois ouvert, le calendrier est impeccable. Ce rabais me permet d'éviter le gâchis tout en offrant mon calendrier à moindre coût pour vous. **
Quantité: 3 

The calendar features my latest watercolour artworks and a full calendar grid.
The paper is thick and uncoated, making it nice to write onto it. The paper texture is similar to a thick drawing paper, similar to a rough watercolor paper, which makes the illustrations even closer to the original paintings. 

After you have used the calendar you can even keep some of the top parts and use them as prints.

Format: A4, double sided, 12 months.

Paper: textured, 300 gsm, FSC certified.
Shipping: The calendar will be sent in a plant based cellophane sleeve in a thick carboard envelope to ensure your calendar reaches you safely.

Shipping is from Finland.

Handling time: 2-3 working days (if you need your item fast, mention it in the note section at checkout and I will do my best to ship it early).
Due to Covid-19 situation, shipping times might be longer than normal.

Thank you for supporting my work, even more so in those difficult times! ♡


Calendrier 2022, 12 mois, recto-verso, présentant 12 de mes dernières aquarelles. Le papier est similaire au toucher à un papier aquarelle, au fini naturel, ce qui rend l'écriture agréable. Le papier est épais (300 GSM) et vous pouvez découper et garder certaines des illustrations en tant que qu'affichette a encadrer chez vous.

J'envoie depuis la Finlande dans un délai de 2-3 jours ouvrés à partir du jour de commande.

2022 calendar -50% (small flaw)

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