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• Format selected
• Technique (ink, pencil, watercolours)

• Head or full body portrait

• 1 main reference picture in high quality

• Additional pictures showing important details

After receiving your first email, we can discuss the next available time for your commission. Keep in mind that during certain periods of the year my timetable can be pretty booked (ie. pre-Christmas rush).


To create the most precise illustration, the reference picture has to be taken under natural light, without flash, and ideally in high resolution. The best way to get the picture right, is to take it at your pet level so I would be able to draw every detail and stroke of the fur. Eyes are really important to depict the character of your pet, so make sure those are visible.


To secure your booking, I will ask 50% deposit in order to start the commission. When I receive this deposit, I will then start the drawing process and send you updates about the progression.

Once the portrait is completed, I will send you the last pictures and will then ask for the 50% left of the commission price.

When this last part of the payment is received I will be sending you the portrait in a protective package.
Shipping to Finland is included in the price. For other destination countries, the shipping and tracking cost will be estimated at the beginning of the commission. 


The following prices reflect a single subject on a blank background. For any additional subject, a 15% will be added. The formats listed reflect the paper size. Sale coupons do not apply on commissioned art works.

Miniature (subject size: 5x6 cm)

60 €

A6 or 12x12 cm

100 €


A5 or 20x20 cm

170 €


A4 or 30x30 cm

290 €


A3 or 40x40 cm

450 €

Payments are made via custom invoices. Shipping to Finland is included.
Shipping costs with tracking options will be estimated depending on your country, prior to starting the commission.

sea otterRGB.jpg


For commissioned work intended for commercial use (logo, branding, illustration, posters, stationery, etc.

please email me at and detail the scope of the possible collaboration. 

From then on we will discuss the schedule, aesthetic guidelines as well as elaborating a contract regarding the rights and limitations on the work delivered.

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