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exhibition architecture

Design, architecture, conception and building of the exhibition Kantava Maa - Solid Ground, for Aalto University in Väre, Otaniemi. The exhibition featured ceramic works from students, staff and alumnis of Aalto University. More than a hundred objects, artworks and material samples were showcased

The exhibition was divided in 7 different spaces, each thought around a precise identity and spatial concept. 
The main exhibition space, in the university lobby, was created using large fabric drapes, creating a floating space, revealing ceramic experiments in a delicate and see-through play with light and soft shadow. At night, the space takes a mesmerizing dimension.

Designed in collaboration with Piia Jalkanen.

Curator: Nathalie Lautenbacher

Assistant: Tuuli Saarelainen

Graphic designer: Annika Leppaaho


Scope of the project:
Exhibition architecture
Concept and visual identity

Hand drawing

3D modelling and rendering
Project & team management
Building, display and management of the exhibition

Pictures: ©Ariane Relander

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