Spatial installation for Bergen International Wood Festival 2016, Norway.

Nebula is a wooden spatial installation created as an interactive sculpture, that evolve with the wind and the public interaction.
The sculpture lives through the good or bad will of the spectators: kids will often run through it. Some people enter the installation and untangle the ropes until the sculpture will take its initial shape again. Observers, the ones who will not get inside the sculpture, stop and observe the moving, breathing sculpture from the outside. Finally, there are the ones who will lay down on the wooden deck, looking up at the sky from under the sculpture, looking at the moving elements as they dance over the sky, like a living painting. That graphic dimension of the cubes moving with the wind is also visible on the ground, where the sculpture casts the shadows of the 465 cubes, dancing peacefully on the ground.

Scope of the project:


3D modelling

technical drawings

building of the installation


Project in collaboration with Zsuzsanna Horvath and Hao Wu.

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