Photograph: Ville Vappula


Black and Red chairs are the result of an artistic and design research around graphical and sculptural composition, based on a play around lines, colours and shapes, in an attempt to blur the line between the object of design and its representation through photography.

The chair, designed to answer the most basic function, finds another reading through the use of photography. The elegant shapes and lines, captured in a minimalistic manner, push the object of design from furniture to sculpture, through the powerful tool of abstract representation.


I studied and explored through prototyping and photography what is visible and what is made visible, what is presentation and representation.

The purpose of this artistic research was to bring the design object beyond its sculptural identity and meaning in a research around lines, colours and shapes ; an observation and an attempt to illustrate an aesthetic relationship between light, colours and volumes, within and beyond the object itself.

Photograph: Ville Vappula

Scope of work
Mock-up building
3D modelling
Welding & Prototyping


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