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Habitare winning hug_photograph_Tony ohb

Photograph: Tony Öhberg ​


Spatial installation for HABITARE Design Competition 2018. Shared 1st prize

Minimalist space, materialized by a high number of aluminium tubes raising from the floor, creating see-through walls. The layering of the walls elements creates a moiré effect, giving the illusion of moving lines and changing space. The public was allowed to walk through the space, to experience the artistic dimension of the micro-architecture.

Between spatial installation, sculpture and optical illusion, the project, made entirely by hand with aluminium profiles, creates a mosaic of shared space/shelter, working simultaneously as courtyard furniture as well as spatial partition. The work was selected as shared-winner by the jury of the competition.

Scope of the project:

Research, technical drawings, 3D modelling, building, painting and installation of the work


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