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spatial design

Design of the exhibition Materials Matter for Aalto booth at Slush 2018, featuring new materials and technologies.

The aim of this design project was to showcase science projects in an appealing and modern way within Slush graphical environment. The aesthetic of the pedestals was based on superposition of black meshes modules and white hoovering surfaces to achieve transparency and lightness of the composition, in a sharp and elegant way. 
The display of each science project was then designed to prop the public’s curiosity over the material’s properties. The  installation and the exhibition itself received a very positive reaction from the public and the exhibition has been displayed in several occasion in different places over the last months.

Conceived around the idea of sustainability, one of the main goals was to be able to reuse the setup for other exhibitions or events. The mobility and versatility of the elements allowed so.


Scope of the project:
workshop ideation
project management
concept and visual identity
hand drawing
3D modelling
3D rendering
selection of materials
setup and management of the exhibition

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