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Sentinelle lamp is an elegant structure made of two main lines around which two modules can rotate. This rotation system allows a perfect distribution of the light, scaled for a sitting person
as well as for the lighting of the room.
The shape of the lamp is designed by a fine construction around geometric volumes: 1 block, 2 rectangles and 2 lines. The electric cable brings a more elegant touch, contrasting with the
sharp lines of the lamp. Enlighted or off, the lamp carries a strong minimal and abstract dimension that can almost be read as a graphical composition.
The concrete base, tinted in the mass with iron oxide powder, take the appearance of a dark rock and contrasts with the clean and sharp silhouette of the lamp.

Material: steel, aluminium, concrete
Dimensions: H 1700, W 450-900, D 450mm

Exhibited in Greenhouse, Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2017, Sweden.


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